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Here at Maya Consultancy, we help businesses grow by promoting and advertising them in various ways by employing professionally used strategies around the world. Additionally, we provide full IT support for all either newly set up or previously established businesses.

We also help businesses grow by matching the right talent to their specialized hiring needs and help build rewarding careers for the workers we place. The quality of the employees and employers that we provide to each other is what separates us from other businesses.


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We help set up computer systems including both hardware and software including the set up for virus protection, work essential tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, etc.

Additionally, we provide full support for reworking or updating existing websites as well as email configuration for new businesses.


We specialize in promoting businesses from door to door promotion to using more professional methods used worldwide.

​We also specialize in setting up domains and websites for new businesses.


We define ourselves based on the quality of skilled workers we provide to businesses.

We also take pride in setting up good relationships between employee and employers as well as providing our workers with a rewarding career.


1058 Albion Road, Etobicoke

Unit 206, ON  M9V 1A7

Tel: 416-471-3738

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